~¤Needle R4-in


~¤Needle R4-in


tumblr feminists are like “men have such fragile egos!!” but if you insult a tumblr feminist their ego crumbles twice as fast as any man’s ego could

So I accidentally deleted paint tool sai because for some reason I had two of them 

so long space cowboy


work in progress of some kind of funk. Something sounds really off and I don’t know why. the levels on this are all over the place and the transitions to the next measure even sound lazy and late. OH WELL



hey stop calling that character your “waifu” its basically raping fictionkin who identify as that character because no one consented to it thanks




look what a beautiful piece of art i’ve created

someone beat me on a comic to this problem. this is way better and has better insight than I could ever have. Love this, you’re awesome, keep it up.

Yooo I love your glitchy stuff, you're definitely one of my favourite blogs <3 I'd love to know though, what do you use to make them, & how do you do it? Keep up the fab blog

aaa ahh h  thank you 

I use audacity and wordpad to databend uncompressed image files, I’ll be making a tutorial soon on how 

messed around with other file formats