In the early days of CGI I wonder if people looked at what they had done and were like “this looks good. This is it.”


Made some more stickers to put around campus and Santa Fe


Tumblr User: **ignores multiple major media outlets covering story** and screams "WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THIS???"


Men’s Rightsers take up arms against vidya game destroyers. And Kroger supermarkets. Never surrender!

This gif makes a lot more sense if you've seen Galaxy Quest

This gif makes a lot more sense if you’ve seen Galaxy Quest

#GamerGate and Men’s Rights: two terrible tastes that taste terribler together.

Ok, maybe that slogan needs a bit of…

oh my god this is great

why is it that I only make art when I’m extremely tired

I didn’t know Foxy was in this


and going on the eshergirls thing, you know not everything has to be 100% anatomically correct, I mean one of the biggest things about cartoons is breaking rules like anatomy or logic. As long as you have a basic grasp on anatomy, and it looks appealing, you can get away…

that’s not for the purpose of stylization or expression though, that’s just an artist fucking up because they forgot how spines work

also with the eshergirls thing, I was criticizing the boring redraws, not the actual submissions (which are terrible )
It turns out a fetish artists I really liked was some sort of lolicon fetishist and overly militant about his atheism. Fuck, his gallery seemed so innoce- so not worthy of FBI attention.

that’s a shame, it’s always really disappointing when an artist you like turns out to be a disgusting sludgeball

hopefully you’ll find a different artist you’ll like, and I wouldn’t give his art anymore attention, go unwatch him and shit

I get annoyed with uber-realism with comics that are supposed to be funny. You know you can make your punchline so much more if their eyes bug-out and their jaw literally drops to the ground? Loony Tunes still gets people laughing for a reason and it wasn't because Bugs was anatomically correct 24/7!

yeah humor related work is the LAST place ULTRA ANATOMICALLY CORRECT styles and designs need to be :/


Samus commission for Sirkai. Or, rather, for the friend of Sirkai who (congratulations) is getting married today!